Vuja De – How to Make a Brilliant Shift

We look forward to seeing you at the Orlando Women’s Conference. Our power-packed keynote session at lunch with feaure Simon T. Bailey who will challenge you to shift gears, adjust your rearview mirror of thinking, and take charge of your business and life. Vuja De is the opposite of déjà vu. It’s stopping and looking at things afresh. Simon calls it flipology. Flipologists see things differently, allowing them to break away from the same old same old. Seeing things differently is the first step to doing things differently, and setting different outcomes in motion.

At the conclusion of this informative and engaging session, you will be equipped with sound strategies to thrive and leverage your most valuable resource – people.

You will also learn the following:

• View reversals, fluctuations, revolutions and other changes with positive and proactive vision

• Take ownership and align your best interest with your internal and external customers.

• Understand the different “gears” that are available to you and choose the right one for the right times.

Regsitration is now open!


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