OWC Morning Breakout Sessions…

During the first half of the conference, there are 9 different panel discussions to choose from. Each is moderated by a community leader with guest speakers who represent a variety of viewpoints and experiences. Speaker bios will be uploaded soon!

DO More!

What Is Your More?
Defining what you want from life – from personal to career and beyond.

Get On Board
How to go from serving on community boards to sitting on corporate boards.

Make An Impact
How to ensure your efforts in community service and philanthropy affect outcomes.

BE More!

Let It Go
What is holding you back, stalling your progress or overloading your plate.

Just Say No
A complete sentence with no excuses or apologies needed – learn how to say it more.

Retrain Your Brain
Harness and take advantage of your most powerful tool to lessen stress and anxiety.

GET More!

Maximize Your Money & Rewards
Are you getting what you are worth? Assess and address your current status.

Tap Your Talents
Explore new career and life options by analyzing what’s in your personal arsenal.

Intentional Planning for More Productive Hours
Consider a calendar audit to see where you can get more meaningful time.